PCRX Series High Capacity CO2 Adsorbers

For Dry, CO2-Free Air to 4 SCFM


PCR CO2 Adsorbers

Compact, regenerative high capacity CO2 adsorbers capable of delivering up to 4 SCFM (115 lpm) of dry, CO2-free air at a dew point of -100ºF (-73ºC) and a CO2- content of less than 1 ppm. Ideal for FTIR spectrometer purge and emissions monitoring applications. Units come standard with an inlet particulate filter, inlet coalescing filter, purge mufflers, wall-mount bracket and outlet filter/regulator assembly. Accessories include a moisture indicator, flow meter, and surge tank.

Product Features

  • CO2-free air to less than 1 ppm
  • Ultra-dry air to better than -100ºF/-73ºC dew point
  • Continuous self-regenerative operation
  • Outlet flow capacities to 4 SCFM (115 lpm)
  • Operating pressures of 50 to 150 PSIG (345 to 1000 kPa)
  • Compact, lightweight aluminum construction
  • Low power requirement (10 watts) and NEMA 4 rating
  • Standard purge mufflers ensure quiet operation
  • Easy to install and no regular maintenance is required
  • Ideal for laboratory, OEM and point-of-use applications

Typical Applications

  • Dilution air for stack gas emissions monitoring (CEMS)
  • Spectrometer and optical purging
  • Blanketing of chemicals and plastics
  • Environmental chambers
  • Analytical instruments and controls

The CO2 Adsorber employs Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology to remove water vapor & CO2 from ordinary compressed air. The inlet (lower) shuttle valve directs the wet air into one of the two desiccant chambers where the water vapor & CO2 is removed. The ultra-dry, CO2-free air leaving the desiccant chamber passes through the outlet (upper) shuttle valve to the application. Both shuttle valves contain a wafer-like disk, which “shuttles“ back and forth in the valve body based on the pressure differential created by the position of the two-way solenoid valves. A precision orifice in the outlet shuttle disk allows a portion of the purified air leaving the desiccant chamber to be redirected back through the off-line tower, purging it of the accumulated moisture & CO2. The purge stream exits the unit through the open solenoid valve directly below the chamber being regenerated. A solid-state timer controls the process by opening and closing the solenoid valves.

PCR Operation


Operating PSIG of:
Outlet Flows (SCFM)1 at a purity better than 1 ppm CO2
80 2 3
100 3 4
120 4 5
Connection Size 1/2" NPT Female
Dimensions 25.5" H x 8.2" W x 5.5" D 30" H x 9.2" W x 6.3" D
Weight 20 lbs 31 lbs

1. Requires 10 SCFM inlet flow

Ordering Information

PCR Numbering

Maintenance Kits

Part No. Description
P011048F16 2-Year Warranty Kit
P011048F24 Annual Maintenance Kit

Filters & Elements

Part No. Description Replacement
P010976F3 Inlet Carbon Filter P010657
P010547 Inlet Particulate Filter P010554
P010549 Inlet Coalescing Filter P010556
P010683 Outlet Filter / Regulator P010554
P010612 Inlet Filter Assembly (Particulate & Coalescing) P011048F24


Part No. Description
P010764F2B PCRSBX Tower - Black
P010764F2W PCRSWX Tower - White
P010764F4B PCRMBX Tower - Black
P010764F4W PCRMWX Tower - White

Solid State Timers

Part No. Description
P09740 110 VAC Timer
P09783 220 VAC Timer
P010670 12-24 VDC Timer
P010762 24 VAC Timer

Solenoid Valves

Part No. Description
P010679F1 110 VAC Valve
P010679F2 220 VAC Valve
P010679F3 12 VDC Valve
P010679F4 24 VDC Valve
P010679F5 24 VAC Valve

Moisture Indicator

Part No. Description
P010103 Moisture Indicator

Purge Muffler

Part No. Description
P010734F2 Purge Muffler

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PCR-CO2 Specification Sheet

Instruction Manual for Compressed Air Dryers / Adsorbers

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