TOC Gas Generator

For Ultra-Dry, CO2-Free Air to 1 lpm


FTIR Purge Gas Generator

Miniature TOC gas generator capable of delivering up to 1 lpm of dry, CO2-free air at a purity of less than 1 ppm. Ideal for TOC analyzers, eliminating the hassle, safety risk and ongoing expense of high pressure gas cylinders. Easy to install, fully automatic and no regular maintenance required. Compact and wall-mountable. Inlet hydrocarbon and coalescing filters, outlet filter-regulator, world-wide voltage support and bench-mount cabinet are standard.

Product Features

  • Produces ultra-dry, CO2-free air to less than 1 ppm purity
  • Eliminates the trouble, safety risk and ongoing cost of gas cylinders
  • Flow capacity to 1 lpm at operating pressures from
    75 to 125 PSIG
  • Easy to install, fully automatic and no regular maintenance required
  • Extremely compact, lightweight and wall-mountable
  • Quiet, reliable operation and low power consumption
  • Standard inlet coalescing and carbon filters for automatic removal of particulate, liquid moisture, oils and heavy hydrocarbons
  • Standard outlet filter-regulator-gauge assembly for outlet pressure regulation
  • Standard surge tank for stable outlet flow and pressure
  • Manufactured in a Lean Manufacturing environment for world-class quality, on-time delivery and best-in-class value

Typical Applications

  • Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analyzers (combustion type)
  • Lasers
  • CO2 analyzer

The TOC Gas Generator employs Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology to remove moisture and CO2 from ordinary compressed air. The compressed air initially passes through an inlet coalescing filter, where solid contaminants, condensed moisture and oils are removed via an auto drain. The 4-way valve then directs the air into one of the two desiccant chambers, where the water vapor and CO2 are removed. The dry, CO2-free air leaving the desiccant chamber passes through the shuttle valve, through the outlet filter-regulator and then onto the TOC analyzer. A precision orifice in the outlet shuttle disk allows a portion of the purified air to be redirected back through the off-line tower, purging it of the accumulated moisture and CO2. The purge air exits the unit through the 4-way valve and muffler. A solid state timer governs the process by controlling the 4-way valve.

TOC Operation

Outlet CO2 Concentration <1 ppm
Outlet Dew Point -100° F
Maximum Outlet Flow Rate1 1 lpm at 100 PSIG operating pressure2
Operating Pressure 75 to 125 PSIG
Maximum Inlet Temperature 100° F
Inlet / Outlet Connections 1/8" NPT Female
Power Options 100 - 240 VAC / 47 -63 Hz / 1 Phase
Inlet Filtration Hydrocarbon filter w/ auto-pulse drain
5μm coalescing filter with auto-pulse drain
Outlet Filtration 5μm particulate filter-regulator assembly
Dimensions 8.5" W x 12.5" H x 5" D
Weight 10 lbs

1. Compressed air source should have a capacity of at least 10 lpm

2. Contact Altec AIR for maximum outlet flow rates for operating pressures less than 100 PSIG

TOC Gas Generator

Part No. Description
P011008F1 TOC Gas Generator, 100 - 240 VAC

Maintenance Kits

Part No. Description
P011048F6 2-Year Warranty Kit
P011048F27 Annual Maintenance Kit

Filters & Elements

Part No. Description Replacement
P010976F1 Inlet Carbon Filter P010668
P010614 Inlet Particulate Filter P010615
P010616 Inlet Coalescing Filter P010617
P010618 Outlet Filter / Regulator P010621
P010627 Inlet Filter Assembly (Particulate & Coalescing) P011048F22


Part No. Description
P010845F2 Small Towers, Tubing, & Fittings

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TOC Specification Sheet

TOC Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual for Compressed Air Dryers / Adsorbers

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