Additional Accessories



Moisture Separator / Manual Dryer - PPEC548

  • Easily and quickly serviced
  • Color change of the desiccant provides an instant status of the compressed air system
  • No power required
  • Includes 1.6 lbs desiccant (Silica Gel)

Pressure Shut Off Valve - P8525

This versatile indoor valve controls flow to an individual cable without blocking flow to adjacent valves or cables. Neoprene diaphragm (toggle actuated) bears against a smooth brass seat for positive closure.



By-Pass Valve - PPEC725

Equipped with a shut off valve which is used for constructing a by-pass across a pressure plug using 3/8” O.D. plastic tubing.

  • 3/8” O.D. tube fittings
  • Brass/Tin or Cadmium Plated

Valve Repair Tool - PPEC506

Multi-purpose design includes wrench to remove valve cores, tap and tread-cutting die to remove burrs from valve stem threads. Can be used to install valve into cable sheath.



Pressure Testing Hose

Designed to move gas from a pressure testing regulator to an inlet valve.

  • Snap-on chuck
  • 1/4” coupling
Part No. Length
P08206 2.5'
PPEC507A 8'

Cable Buffering Hose & Kit

Used as a pneumatic jumper between the pipe valve and cable valve to provide a buffering pressure source to a cable during splicing activity

  • Screw type chuck
  • 5’ long
Part No. Description
PPEC729 Hose only
PPEC730 Hose, 6 tags/ties




Automatic Shut Off Valve (Check Valve) - PPEC724A

Designed for installation between air pipe and the manifold assembly to protect cable pressures when breakage or other damage to the feeder pipe threatens loss of pressure.

  • 1/8” FTP port
  • 1/8” MPT connector
  • Brass/Tin or Cadmium Plated

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Additional Accessories Specification Sheet

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