5-Bank Flow Manifold

5-Bank Flow Manifold

The Altec AIR PVD875U20 5-Bank Flow Manifold is a remote monitored underground manifold that is intended to provide real-time pressure and flow information in air distribution networks which utilize Altec AIR Monitoring Systems. The device is capable of measuring manifold inlet pressure as well as the individual outlet flows of five outlet ports, all using only a single wire pair.

Standard Features:

PVD875U20 5-Port Flow Manifold


  • Inlet Pressure & 5 Cable Flow measurements
  • Microprocessor based
  • Easy to program
  • Fully sealed, waterproof structure
  • Drop-in replacement for aging mechanical type flow manifold

* Compatible with Altec AIR Monitoring Systems ONLY

General Specifications:
Pressure Range 0 - 14.5 PSI
Flow Range 0 - 20 SCFH
Measurement Accuracy Flow: +/- 2% of span
Pressure: +/- 0.5 PSI
Inlet Connection 3/4" Air Pipe Fitting
Outlet Connections Five 3/8" Tube Fittings
Monitoring Real time readings with a Altec AIR Monitoring System
Power 50 VDC (supplied by Monitoring System)
Operating Temperature Optimal: 32°–122°F ( 0°–50°C)
Dimensions 6.2"W x 7"H x 4.2"D
Weight 11.5 lbs