Modular Monitoring System


The PVD800V is an advanced modular Monitoring System designed to monitor dedicated, subscriber, and addressable transducers, air dryers, panels, trunk and toll cable pair loop resistance and binary alarms associated with the pressurized cable network.

  • Monitors up to 400 transducers and 15 dryers and panels
  • Direct replacement for existing monitoring systems
  • Supports Ethernet, PSTN and Serial communications
  • Remote firmware upgrade capability
  • Hot slot plug-in modules
  • Watchdog circuit provides reliable continuous operation
  • Includes support software: PGComm, PGEditor, and PGHist
  • NEBS level 3 compliant
  • Module configuration customized to your specific monitoring needs
PVD800V Modular Monitoring System

Chassis & Modules

Part No. Description
PVD800V Chassis - Can accommodate a combination of up to 16 Monitoring Modules
PVD800VC Control Module
PVD800VP Power Module
PVD800VA Addressable Monitoring Module
PVD800VATX Addressable Monitoring Module - TX Moisture Transducers ONLY
PVD800VD Dedicated Monitoring Module - 25 Dedicated and Binary points standard,
                                     or up to 36 Dedicated points in Extended Mode
PVD800VM Universal Monitoring Module - 25 Subscriber, Dedicated and Binary points
PVD800VI Dedicated Monitoring Module - 4-20 mA Transducers ONLY
PVD800VB Blank Slot Cover
PVD800VE Expansion Module - Allows the addition of a 2nd Chassis for up to double
                             the monitoring capability

Jumper Boards - Converts Subscriber Transducers from previous monitoring systems

Part No. Description
PVD800VJ1 Single Jumper Board Panel - Up to 36 Subscriber points
PVD800VJ2 Dual Jumper Board Panel - Up to 72 Subscriber points

Power Supply

Part No. Description
PVD48VT Portable Power Supply - Converts AC power to -48 VDC

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Specification Sheet


Included Software (+ Documentation)


PVD800V Firmware

PVD800VA - Addressable Module Firmware

PVD800VATX - Addressable TX Module Firmware

PVD800VD - Dedicated Module Firmware

PVD800VM - Universal Module Firmware

PVD800VI - Dedicated 4-20 mA Module Firmware

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