Air Dryers


Heatless Regenerative Desiccant Air Dryers

Altec AIR offers a wide selection of regenerative desiccant compressed air dryers. Using Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology, the Altec AIR regenerative air dryers are designed to maximize the efficiency of the drying process with low velocity air through the desiccant for more efficient drying and large internal air passages to reduce pressure drop.

Capabilities of our Regenerative Desiccant Air Dryers

Ultra-Dry compressed air with dew points to better than -100°F can be achieved. With our selection of Mini (0.40 to 3.2 SCFM), Mid-Range (to 12 SCFM), High Capacity (3.0 - 50 SCFM), and Large Desiccant Air Dryers (75 - 3000 SCFM) we can meet your clean dry air needs. Altec AIR desiccant air dryers are dependable, low maintenance and easy to monitor.

Miniature Desiccant Air Dryers

These ultra-small desiccant compressed air dryers can be used for low-flow applications.  Heatless regenerative desiccant air dryers are designed to produce low dew points.

Mid-Range Desiccant Air Dryers

The mid-range heatless desiccant compressed air dryers provide low dew points to -100°F ADP (atmospheric dew point). Design with Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology.

MDH Series Miniature Air Dryers
VSA Series Mid-Range Air Dryers

MDH Series

0.4 to 3.2 SCFM

VSA Series

To 12 SCFM

High Capacity Desiccant Air Dryers

Using Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology, these
regenerative air dryers maximize the efficiency of the drying process. Ultra-Dry compressed air dew points of -40°F to better than -100°F can be achieved.

Large Heatless Regenerative Air Dryers

Manufactured using the highest quality materials and components, the MHR Series will provide reliable, low dew-points to your compressed air system for many years.

HR Series High Capacity Air Dryers MHR Series Heless Air Dryer

HR Series

3.0 to 50 SCFM

MHR Series

75 to 3000 SCFM

Membrane Air Dryers

SUNSEP™ brand technology is the patented membrane fibers developed by Asahi Glass Company (AGC) which has nearly 50 years of experience in the separation of gases with membranes. 

The Membrane Air Dryer Process

The drying process works by passing compressed air inside the hollow fiber membranes where the water vapor molecules permeate through the wall of the membrane leaving the oxygen and nitrogen molecules to exit the outlet as dry air. The permeated water vapor is then removed by a small amount of dry air fed back over the outside of the membrane fibers through the purging valve or orifice.  With a countercurrent purge flow on the outside of the tubing, drying is continuous.  In order for infrared or UV-based gas analyzers to operate efficiently and deliver accurate results it is critical to remove water vapors.  Water vapors in the gas sample acts as either a physical interferant or a spectral.

Membrane Air Dryers

Sunsep's barrel type dryers are used in applications with higher flow requirements. The cassette type dryers are especially well suited for installation in "point -of-use" tight spaces and OEM's. Flex membrane dryers are ideal for drying compressed air or gas, as well as for removing moisture from sample gas.

Gas Sample Dryers

Sunsep's SWG 35 - 100 series are multi tube Flemion dryers, designed for high flow, high performance gas drying applications. Flemion has a very specific chemical affinity for water vapor, which is why it makes such a great dryer.

Membrane Air Dryers Membrane Gas Dryers

Membrane Air Dryers

0.06 to 25 SCFM

Membrane Gas Dryers

2.0 to 10 lpm

Refrigerated Air Dryers

Non-Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryers

ULTRA series dryers manufactured by Altec AIR are a culmination of over 30 years experience in designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing air dryers in a wide array of industries throughout North America and around the world. We source only the highest quality components from industry leading companies. The end result is a dryer that will give you years of trouble free performance and value.

Digital Programmable Refrigerated Air Dryers

The PA Series Air Dryers take the UA Series one step further by being completely programmable to automatically turn ON and OFF as needed based on the end users hours of operation. These come standard with the PCT programmable control timer feature that enables the owner exact control over the time of day the dryer will turn ON and OFF. This feature can reduce energy costs and wear on the dryer up to 66% or more

UA Series Non-Cycling Air Dryer PA Series Digital Programmable Air Dryer

UA Series

20 to 3000 SCFM

PA Series

75 to 3000 SCFM

High Inlet Temperature Compressed Air Dryers

MHT dryers are designed to be used with tank mounted piston compressors that have no after coolers. MHT dryers are easy to install because there is no need for separate after coolers, separators or drains. MHT series dryers and the Altec AIR compressed air filters will delivery clean, dry air to your compressed air system.

Energy Saving Air Dryers

Our engineers have developed the DX series direct expansion energy saving air dryer featuring the revolutionary digital scroll compressor. The DX series dryer is able to match its power consumption in direct proportion to the current load on the dryer.

MHT Series High Inlet Temperature Air Dryer DX Series Energy Saving Air Dryer

MHT Series

25 to 200 SCFM

DX Series

400 to 3000 SCFM

Additional Air Dryers

Compressed Dry Air Packages

Clean and dry air system includes oilless compressor and desiccant air dryer, custom designed for your application requirements.

Manual Desiccant Air Dryers

X-series manually regenerated desiccant air dryers are an excellent choice for point-of-use applications. Ideal dryers for removing moisture from intermittent use or very low flow compressed air lines. Color change desiccant or moisture indicators show instant status of the compressed air system.

Compressed Dry Air Packages Manual Desiccant Air Dryers

CDA Series

Compressed Dry Air Packages


Manual Desiccant Air Dryers