Antenna Pressurization Dehydrators

Week of January 24, 2022

Dehydrators -

  • Up to 4200 SCFD
  • Digital Display of all Operating Parameters
  • Remote Real-time Data and Alarm Reset Capabilities
  • Connect over IP via Web Browser & SNMP Communications
Item No. Capacity
Voltage Notes Quantity
P550WLP 550 110 - 125 VAC,
50/60 Hz
Low Pressure 1
P1500W 1500 110 - 125 VAC,
50/60 Hz
P1500WLP 1500 110 - 125 VAC,
50/60 Hz
Low Pressure 1
P4200W 4200 110 - 125 VAC,
50/60 Hz
P4200W-RB* 4200 110 - 125 VAC,
50/60 Hz
*Factory Rebuilt 1
* Denotes a Factory Rebuilt & Tested Air Dryer.  Although it may show some minor cosmetic imperfections, it has been fully checked for functionality and performance.
 This Week's Feature
It is with Great Joy, along with a bit of sadness, that we Congratulate Dennis Ryan on his Retirement from Altec AIR!

Dennis goes back 35 years with us and, although our name has changed a few times, Dennis' friendly attitude and commitment to excellence has never wavered. Dennis has always embodied our Core Values, especially, Teamwork, Enjoyment of Work, and People are Our Greatest Strength.

Congratulations Dennis! And Thank You for being part of the Altec AIR Team!!!
🇺🇸   Made In U.S.A.   🇺🇸


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