PVD821 / PVD822

Digital Pipe Panels


Advanced Digital Pipe Panels designed to pressurize and monitor one or two air pipes.

PVD821 Single Pipe Panel

PVD822 Dual Pipe Panel
  • Drop-in replacement for old style mechanical type pipe panel
  • Directly interfaces with Altec AIR Monitoring Systems
  • Monitor pipe Flows and Pressure remotely
  • The flexibility of the design allows the user to pair up combinations of PVD Panels to accommodate 1 to 4 separate air pipes in a single 23 inch panel
  • Advanced Pressure and Flow Transducers result in extremely low pressure drop through the panel
  • Precision Pressure Regulator for accurate control of air outputs
  • Manual shutoff valves for isolating air pipes
  • Multiple operating ranges available (0-100 SCFH Standard , 0-50 SCFH Low Range, and 0-150 SCFH High range)

PVD821 PVD822
Displays Flow: 1 x 4-digit LED
Pressure: 1 x 4-digit LED
Flow: 2 x 4-digit LED
Pressure: 2 x 4-digit LED
Flow Measurement Range 0 - 100 SCFH (Optional 0-50 SCFH Low Range and 0-150 SCFH High range)
Flow Measurement Accuracy +/- 3 SCFH
Pressure Measurement Range 0 - 30 PSI
Pressure Measurement Accuracy +/- 0.3 PSI
Power Requirements -48 VDC
(5 watts maximum)
Inlet Connection(s) 1/2" press-lock fitting
Outlet Connection(s) 3/4" compression fitting
Test Valve(s) Schrader type
Mounting Fits 23" Equipment Rack (2 Panels or 1 Panel + Blank Panel)
Dimensions 11.5" W x 7" H

Digital Pipe Panels

Part No. Description
PVD821 Digital panel, single pipe
PVD822 Digital panel, dual pipe

Mounting Panel

Part No. Description
P011182 Used to mount an individual panel to a 23" rack
P011181 23" x 3.5" blank spacer panel

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PVD821 / PVD822 Specification Sheet

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