For Compressed Air Treatment


Altec AIR offers a full line of accessories to complement our compressed air treatment products, providing single-source convenience and increased value.

Compressed Air Filter Package

Maintenance Kit

In-Line Air Filter

Filters & Elements

Protect your compressed air systems
with high efficiency air filters &
air filter packages.

Maintenance Kits

Recommended to ensure the
highest level of reliability & purity.

In-Line Filters & Adsorbers

Disposable in-line filters and adsorbers
ideal for protection of your
compressed air equipment.

Moisture Indicators

Electonic Humidity Alarm

Flow Meter     Sound Suppression Kit

Moisture Indicators

This unique design shows a color change
(blue to pink) when moisture levels rise.
Ideal for an inexpensive way to monitor
dry compressed air systems.

Electronic Humidity Alarm

This electronic humidity alarm provides
a local red light and dry contact closure
when wet air is detected. With remote
monitoring capabilities.

Additional Accessories

These items add function & flexibility
to your Compressed Air Treatment