Membrane Air Dryers


Membrane Air Dryers and Membrane Gas Sample Dryers are essential components in a wide variety of compressed air applications. The special membrane fibers of the membrane air dryers provide a safe, effective, and efficient way to separate water from other molecules in compressed air systems and release it as dry air.  Membrane gas sample dryers remove water molecules from a gas sample without affecting the concentrations of other components to be analyzed. 

Whether you're working with environmental chambers and pneumatic automation systems or you have a waveguide drying or analytical instrumentation application, membrane dryers are often the best solution.

If you're searching for a reliable source to buy membrane air dryers, Altec AIR offers top quality products that are compact, lightweight, easy-to-install, and deliver quiet, continuous operation.

Membrane Air Dryers

Additional features and benefits of our membrane dryers include:

  • Eco-friendly use with no refrigerants or desiccants
  • Air dryer models with outflows from 0.60 to 25 SCFM
  • Gas sample dryer models with outflows from 2 to 10 lpm
  • No power, moving parts or maintenance requirements
  • Patented membrane fiber technology
  • Safe for use in hazardous locations

An Extensive Inventory of Membrane Dryers

As your go-to source for air pressurization and compressed air treatment solutions, Altec AIR offers a comprehensive selection of membrane air dryers. No matter your industry or work environment, we'll help identify the right product to efficiently meet your needs. If you’re interested in buying membrane dryers online from us, take a closer look at our impressive selection. We offer the following types of SUNSEP-W brand membrane dryers:

  • Barrel Type Air Dryers— These air dryers come in five distinctive models featuring ¼-inch to 1-inch port sizes. The larger membrane bundles used make barrel membrane dryers excellent choices for higher flow requirements.  Maximum operating pressure 120 PSIG.
  • Cassette Type Air DryersIf you need to install a membrane dryer into a tight space, this model is an effective solution. We carry six distinctive sized models ranging from 0.5 to 7 SCFM outflows to fit your specific installation and operation specifications.  Maximum operating pressure 120 PSIG.
  • Flexible Type Air Dryers — This membrane air dryer can be utilized in confined spaces between critical components and actually bends to accommodate a tight fit. The model features a ¼-inch port size, 1.25 SCFM in, 1.0 SCFM out and choices of external valve or orifice purge control.  Maximum operating pressure 120 PSIG.
  • Membrane Gas Sample DryersThese are an important component for conditioning gas samples before sensitive gas analyzers and in process monitoring applications. Models range from 2 to 10 LPM, feature maximum operating pressures of 72 PSIG, and a +5°F to 212°F operating temperature range depending on the model.

Why Buy Membrane Dryers Online From Altec AIR?

Altec AIR is one of the best places to buy membrane dryers because we offer quality products backed by exceptional customer service, product knowledge and support. Our membrane dryers not only deliver superior separation of from compressed air and other gases, but we also offer competitive prices on long-lasting products that are capable of cutting costs and increasing productivity.

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