CAS Series

CAS Series
CO2 Adsorbers

For Dry, CO2-Free Air to 320 lpm

The CAS Series Carbon Dioxide Adsorbers are designed to remove CO2 from compressed air. The Adsorber does this by using media beds featuring 13X molecular sieve in a pressure swing adsorption process. Adsorbed moisture and CO2 are vented to atmosphere while dry CO2-Free air is provided at the outlet port.

Design Features includes solid state timer with LED display for visual monitoring for cycle, fixed orifice designed for consistent, trouble free purge flow and continuously self-regenerative operation. Standard voltage is 115 VAC, & 230 VAC is available as an option. Standard operating pressures from 50 to 150 psig.

Standard Features:
  • Standard Outlet Dew Point
  • Outlet CO2 content to less than 1 PPM
  • Outlet flow capacities to 320 lpm
  • Air dried to less than -100°F dew point
  • Compact and lightweight design requires less space
  • Standard solid state timer with built-in memory for energy savings
  • Full re-pressurization means no pressure fluctuations
  • Standard NEMA 4X Electrical
  • Standard purge mufflers
Optional Features:
  • Available Input Voltages
    • 115 VAC
    • 230 VAC
General Specifications:
(lpm @ 100 PSIG)
50 100 160 320
(lpm @ 100 PSIG)
20 40 70 140
(lpm @ 100 PSIG)
30 60 90 180
*Capacities are based on inlet conditions of 70°F, 100% RH, and normal ambient CO2 levels of approximate 375 ppm
Inlet / Outlet Ports
3/8" 1/2"
Power Requirements
(Per Model Voltage Option)
115 VAC, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz
230 VAC, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz
Maximum Temperature 120°F ambient
Maximum Pressure 150 PSIG
Outlet CO2 Concentration Less than 1 ppm
Outlet Dew Point Better than -100°F
CAS1 12 26.0 7.3 5.9
CAS2 15 29.7
CAS3 35 44.7 11.1 7.7
CAS4 66 48.7 8.2
HR Series Dimensions

CAS1 - CAS2           CAS3 - CAS4

Recommended Filtration -
  • INLET: 5.0 Micron Particle Filter and 0.01 Micron Coalescing Filter
CAS Series Configuration

Need A Custom Sized CO2 Adsorber?

Contact Altec AIR for assistance selecting the right adsorber for your application.
All you need is the required dew point, operating pressure, and the required inlet or outlet flow rate.