Floor Stand

Floor Stands

for Refrigerated Air Dryers

These sturdy Floor Stands are designed to get your Refrigerated Air Dryer up off the floor; raised to a level for easier, more efficient servicing & maintenance.

RAD Dryer on Floor Stand
Model Use with Air Dryer
AFS-1 RAD-0025A - RAD-0055A,
RHT-0010 - RHT-0020
AFS-2 RAD-0075A - RAD-0100A,
RHT-0030 - RHT-0040
AFS-3 RAD-0150A - RAD-0200A,
RHT-0060 - RHT-0080
AFS-4 RAD-0250A - RAD-0300A,
RHT-0100 - RHT-0120