Air Dryer Installation Kits

* in P011752 only

Air Dryer Installation Kits

These Air Dryer Installation Kits include all the necessary fittings and valves required / recommended to connect an air dryer to the supply line. These kits are universal for accommodating dryers with the outlet port on the top or on the back of the dryer.

Standard Features:

1/2" Outlet Installation - P011752

  • For Dryers with 1/2" Outlet Ports
    • P4200W Series
    • P6500W Series
    • P8400W Series
    • and similar
  • Allows for connection to 1/2" Tubing or 3/4" Flex Hose

3/4" Outlet Installation - P011890

  • For Dryers with 3/4" Outlet Ports
    • P10KW / P15KW
    • P20KW / P30KW
    • and similar
  • Allows for connection to 3/4" Flex Hose