HOF Series

HOF Series Oil Field
Heatless Regenerative Desiccant Air Dryers

15 to 800 SCFM

With their standard rugged design features, Altec AIR’s HOF Series Heatless Oil Field Air Dryers provide clean, dry compressed air, resulting in improved air system operation with unparalleled reliability and safety in an often unforgiving environment.

  • ISO 8573.1 Class 2 -40°F/C Standard Outlet Dewpoint
    - Down to -58°F/-50°C Possible in Low Dew Point Mode
  • Factory installed Filters
  • Separate Re-Pressurization Circuit (HOF-0100 - HOF-0800)
  • ASME /CRN Pressure Vessels (HOF-0100 - HOF-0800)
  • Feature Rich ETL Listed Pro-Logic Controller w/ NEMA 4 Enclosure
  • Regulated Control Air & Adjustable Purge

Standard Features:
  • Power Requirements - 120 VAC, 1 Phase, 60 Hz
  • Maximum Pressure - 150-200 PSIG (Model Specific)
  • Maximum Operating Temperature - 120°F / 49°C
  • Selectable Cycles
  • ASME Safety Relief Valves
  • OSHA Approved Mufflers
  • Stainless Steel Control Tubing & 316 Stainless Steel Compression Fittings
Optional Features:
  • EcoTronic Dew Point Demand Control
  • Dual Filter & Bypass Packages
  • NEMA 7 and other Hazardous Area Classifications
  • Non-Yellow Material Of Construction (Stainless Steel / Nickel Plated Valves)
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General Specifications:
(SCFM @ 100 PSIG)
Inlet / Outlet Ports
Approx. Purge
(SCFM @ 100 SCFM)
HOF-0015-1 15 1/2" 2.3
HOF-0025-1 25 3.8
HOF-0040-1 40 6.0
HOF-0075-1 75 1" 11.3
HOF-0100-1 100 15.0
HOF-0125-1 125 18.8
HOF-0200-1 200 1-1/2" 30.0
HOF-0250-1 250 37.5
HOF-0300-1 300 45.0
HOF-0400-1 400 2" 60.0
HOF-0500-1 500 75.0
HOF-0600-1 600 90.0
HOF-0800-1 800 120.0

Sizing based on the Compressed Air and Gas Institute CAGI ADF 200 Standard for compressed air of 100 PSIG inlet pressure, 100°F inlet temperature, and -40°F/C pressure dew point providing ISO Quality to standard 8573-1 rating 1-2-1 for Compressed Air Quality.

HOF-0015-1 175 52 22 14
HOF-0025-1 200
HOF-0040-1 355 59 25 18
HOF-0075-1 440 78 24 32
HOF-0100-1 455
HOF-0125-1 485
HOF-0200-1 690 80 29
HOF-0250-1 780 89
HOF-0300-1 830
HOF-0400-1 1040 91 32 36
HOF-0500-1 1270 92
HOF-0600-1 1450
HOF-0800-1 1690 39 38
HRL Series Dimensions

HOF Series Drying Process

Compressed air, saturated with water vapor, flows upward through the Online (Drying) Tower. The water molecules adhere to the porous surface of the Desiccant, where the residual water content of the compressed air is lowered to a Pressure Dew Point (PDP) of -40°F or lower. Concurrently, some of this dry air (15%) is directed downward through the depressurized Offline Tower in a process referred to as Regeneration. This dry air sweep desorbs water molecules from the surface of the Desiccant and is exhausted to atmosphere, preparing that Tower for its next Online cycle. This process is known as Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) and is typically completed in a fixed 10-minute NEMA cycle, with the Towers alternating between Drying & Regenerating, typically every 5 minutes.

This tool will help you size the perfect HOF Series Desiccant Air Dryer for your Compressor Output and Environmental Conditions. Simply enter the data & conditions and you'll be presented with the Part Number for the HOF Series Air Dryer that will work optimally for those conditions. We will also provide Part Numbers for the Filter Kits that were created to match that HOF Series Air Dryer perfectly.

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